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Reflectiong the times & Part of Daily Life

In the clothing, home electronics, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and particularly in the foodstuff industries, film-type packaged goods are now present in every nook and cranny of modern life and have become indispensable. We have consistently produced and have earned a reputation for packages with high added-value and great appeal for consumers. The products that we work with number between 5,000 - 7,000 items. The demands on film packaging continue to grow. In addition to the basic features of protection, hygiene and ease of use, film packaging must now also be streamlined and fashionable. Another modern need is that products now be environmentally-friendly and this is now a very important goal for us in our product development.

From everyday consumer goods to sparkling gifts. Paper brightens up our world in so many ways.

In a way, it incorporates the warmth in the human touch. From the paper receptacles that have been presented during the traditional gift-giving seasons in Japan to the paper objects that adorn our daily lives, paper takes on countless different guises. We produce in addition to such objects, tuck seals, labels, pamphlets and other printed matter as well as packaging which is designed and processed for each specific purpose. Now a major new objective for us is designing recyclable products in order to protect the fragile environment.

Bringing Out Product Appeal Through Top Materials & Design

Glass bottles, plastic containers, metal cans. We also play an important role in the 3-D container packaging field. The process begins with choosing the material for the package which depends on the contents. It proceeds to include labels, lid, shelling, outer box, and bookmark. In this way, it is total system encompassing design and production. Furthermore, if there is a request for a special type of container, we can design and produce according to the customer's needs. Recent progress in the field of materials has been at an astounding speed as evidenced by the spread of PET bottles. Our duty is to continuously carry out research on new materials and to rapidly adopt new technology and this is what we will do.

Commodity introductionMATERIAL
Expanding Business Through the supply of a wide variety of foodstuffs

We began selling raw materials in 1988 as part of our business expansion strategy. We are steadily developing our business as a general trading company of food materials such as flour, cacao powder, and sugar. In addition to buying and selling in Japan, we are also importing from several foreign countries. Our unique strategy is not to simply sell the basic materials but to arrange them together with different foodstuffs and in this way sell high-value added products. We also supply materials necessary for maintaining food freshness such as desiccant, deoxidant and gas metathesis. We advise the customer on the most suitable type depending on the food product in question. In this way, our function is not merely selling products, but adding value to the process through our many years of experience and know-how in the packaging business. Our customer's satisfaction is our satisfaction.

Sales system for productivity-enhancing packaging machines.

For manufacturers, raising productivity through automation of the packaging system is of vital concern. We sell the most modern machines that assist in rationalizing the packaging process such as weighing machines and plugging machines. We also advise customers on factory layout and how they can improve the manufacturing productivity.

Horizontal pillow type packaging machine
Rotary heat sealer Rotary heat sealer for vacuuming + gas
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