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How much value does the package add to the product and how much can we communicate a message that most effectively appeals to consumers' needs. Our thinking is that the package is the medium that transmits the message from the producer to the consumer. The package design process begins with planning the positioning of the product, marketing and naming. In addition, we consider the product as part of the company's brand and therefore offer total brand identity planning (=BI). We approach the task of producing high value-added packing using both in-house and outside specialists, and continuously holding meetings with the product manufacturers.


Once the general message and plan of the package has been decided upon, we start upon the concrete design stage. At this point, designers, illustrators, cameramen, come together to mesh their various skills in highly-charged creative atmosphere. The task at this stage has various elements. A prototype of the package is produced, visual representations of promotional materials such as catalogs etc. are drawn up in a comprehensive creative process.


A variety of samples which passed through the planning stage and the hands of the creative team is finally presented to the manufacturer. The presentation entails much more than simply showing the sample. Based on BI, we present many different ways of how the product will appear in the shop, its placement position and display features. Our strength lies in the fact that we can harness the creative skills of a variety of creative specialists and thereby provide a total system.

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