Company Information

Company Information


New Packaging For New Markets

Today the shops are overflowing with products and the consumer is faced with a myriad of choices. In order to stand out from the crowd, product marketing must encompass elements such as shelf placement and sales promotion, as well as attractive packaging. Our strategy in this business environment is not just simply manufacturing orders received but to provide a total marketing package, from posters, POP and other promotional tools, to shelf display. We are further expanding our business by giving advice on product development such as the taste and contents.

The basis for our sales support and customer advice strategy is a comprehensive marketing sttructure attuned to the needs of the times and close regular communication with the manufacturer. This is where we focus our efforts. Product concepts based on carefully researched consumer needs lead to the creation of new markets and expansion of existing ones. Our circle of activity is growing ever wider.

Charming Consumers: Package Design

Today packaging represents much more than simply wrapping. It is a medium to appeal to people's emotions and to respond to their spiritual side. How to accurately communicate the contents of the package? How to effectively appeal to consumers? Nowadays packaging is more than product protection, hygiene and convenience. It must appeal to consumer emotions through naming and design. If these aspects are fresh and attractive, the desire to purchase can only increase. Our job is to design attractive packaging that makes consumers unconsciously want to take the product in their hands. Such packaging comes from careful research, planning and production. This is our job. We create the bridge to good communication between the manufacturer and the consumer.

New Materials, Multilevel Planning & Hit Products

In the same way that new products are created and flow to the market, so too are new packages and methods of packaging conceived. Every year sees new developments in packaging materials, the result of continuous innovation. In film packaging, there are many hundreds of different types, not to mention paper, plastic, and glass packaging. There are endless different types. Our job as packaging professionals is to pick from this myriad of choices the type of packaging best suited to the product in question and to create packaging that effectively appeals to the consumer. In order to do this, we must research the characteristics and properties of each and every type of package material as well as fully understand the characteristics of the product itself. We can carry out this responsibility as the result of the know-how we have gathered during our 50 years in the industry and the cutting-edge technology base we have built up due to aggressive investment in research and development.

Exploiting Materials Design Through Hi-Tech

Since its founding in 1933, NIHON CELLONPACK has enjoyed constantly steady growth. As specialized package materials manufacturer, we have achieved and maintained the position of leader in our industry. Particularly in the film package area, we enjoy an excellent reputation as an outstanding leader and innovator. No matter how excellent the design and materials, if the necessary packaging technology does not exist, there is no end-product. Modern technology for modern packaging. This is our field of expertize.


Pursuit of Environmental Sustainability

We seek to:

  • Contribute to a reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions through the minimization of waste loss and improvement of logistical efficiency.
  • Pursue environmentally friendly products through a green purchasing policy.
  • Promote the sustainable use of resources through a reduction in SG&A expenses, such as distribution costs.

Human Rights/Compliance Initiatives

We will:

  • Strive to maintain and improve good communication with stakeholders such as customers and suppliers.
  • Promote purchasing that respects a diverse range of values and considers gender, racial, and ethnic differences.
  • Adhere to rules and regulations, with each individual acting with integrity and honesty in the performance of their duties.
  • Pursue efficiency through human resource development and team improvement, and promote work style reforms.
  • Establish a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and aim for early recovery after an emergency.

Environmental Policy

We are committed to promoting environmentally friendly corporate practices based on our corporate philosophy of "Contributing to society through the pursuit of environmentally friendly packaging for the future."

  • We will work to reduce the environmental impact of all aspects of our business, including planning, procurement, production, and delivery, through the use of environmentally friendly materials, technologies, and logistics.
  • We will pursue environmentally friendly products, seek to minimize waste loss, and engage in green purchasing by meeting the compliance obligations of the organization and with the expected compliance posture.
  • We will continuously improve our management system to achieve greater efficiency and efficacy.
  • We will strive to raise awareness of environmental conservation among all executives and employees, and endeavor to create and maintain a cheerful and comfortable working environment.
  • We aim to promote sustainability for the global environment through effective environment-related communication and collaborative activities with our stakeholders.

We will disclose our environmental policy publicly.
Established: May 2020
Revised: June 2021







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